Bobbins for C2C Crochet

C2C 104: Using Bobbins in C2C

Using bobbins in a C2C project may be as important as the pattern. If you are only using a color, or two, there probably won’t be a problem. But once your skill level increases to more than a few colors you are going to have yarn tangled everywhere. As you can imagine, that is going to be a serious yarn situation and you’re going to want to manage that. The way to get around this is to make bobbins.

There are many ways to make a bobbin. I just make a small ball and hold it from unraveling with a stitch marker. When I use that color I take the stitch marker off and when I’m done I put it back and let that ball hang off the project until I need it again. Other people use cloths pins and others use industrial clips. It’s just a matter of trying some things out and finding what works the smoothest for you.

I try to guesstimate, based on the blocks coming up, how many yards I load a ball with. Sometimes I just wing it and when that bobbin runs out I make a new one.


Bobbins for C2C Crochet
Balls of bobbins

Making Bobbins

Making a ball bobbin is simple and if you have ever made a ball of yarn you already know how to do it. If it’s your first time making a ball then here are a few pics to show you how. Just switch to a stitch marker to hold the yarn in place when you are using the ball as a bobbin.

Ta-Da! Ball bobbin. Next up: Learn how to estimate the yarn you need and how big your project will be: C2C 105: Yarn Guide

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