Blue Frog Creek C2C and Graphghan Crochet Patterns

Our Story: Blue Frog Creek by Sherry :)

Thanks for stopping by Blue Frog Creek! My name is Sherry and I’m the head yarn hoarder and official stitch maker over here at Blue Frog Creek. I live in the Seattle area of the Pacific Northwest, USA. If you don’t know much about my neck of the world let me tell you it rains here. It rains here a lot. Which gives us beautiful green trees and lots of gray drizzly days to craft!

Our kids are grown so it’s just my husband and I, the cat, the dog and 13 ducks. (The ducks, by the way, absolutely love the rain.)

Blue Frog Creek has been quite the journey. It began at my birth with an obsession of all things crafts and quickly escalated from there. I have successfully passed the biological need for multiple totes full of random supplies onto my daughter. She thanks me everyday for having more ideas than time and money! I’m grateful at least 1 of my children got the DNA so that I have someone to pass my totes onto in my will. Since you are here in my corner of the internet then you are definitely our kind of people!

I have always been pretty good at being able to figure out how something is constructed and I love making patterns. So, making patterns for other people is just natural progression. I started out years ago selling sewing patterns on eBay. But, then I just got too busy raising kids and fell away from it. I started making patterns again a few years ago, after a chronic illness put some kinks in my life. I started with crochet patterns and since they do take some time to put together I also started a blog with my other projects. I eventually found that the physical demands of pattern making and blog posts were beyond my current physical situation.

I really enjoy the C2C crochet stitch and cross-stitch. The graphing design of both is also right up my alley. So, I decided to start making charts! We set up my office nest (not a typo I call my work space my nest) to accommodate my limitations and off I went. I design most of the charts and my daughter helps me out with the designs as well.

I hope you find a pattern to love at Blue Frog Creek! Feel free to send comments, questions or concerns! Would love to hear from you.


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