Aluminum /metal size Q 15.75mm crochet hook tutorial

Make a full length aluminum/metal Size Q 15.75mm Crochet hook

I was fully frustrated with the plastic crochet hooks I used for the chunky blankets over Christmas. So. I found a solution!

I found a Size Q afghan aluminum/metal hook at Michaels. Add a chunk of polymer clay. Bake and voilà! Full size 15.75mm crochet hook.

Yes, it took me a few minutes to make the hook and nearly a month to paint it. Let’s not judge.

Here we are – pictures for all my visual people’s:

Cut the cord off the afghan hook




Roll warmed clay (I smoothed it in my hand for a while) into a long snake.



Starting at the end roll the clay onto the hook.


Smooth it out.


Bake as per instructions.

Yes, I burned it. Hence the paint job. And I decided I didn’t like the blue. Reason #2 for the paint job.

Aluminum /metal size Q 15.75mm crochet hook tutorial


 And now it’s long enough to feel like a crochet hook AND it’s not plastic. Ah maiz ing.

Now, if I were to do it again I might do something to reduce the amount of clay used so it’s not too heavy. I would have used a different clay color and I would turn it in the oven so it didn’t burn.

But it works and that, my crafty friends, is good enough.


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