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Blue Frog Creek

A Bigger Play On Kentucky

A Bigger Play On Kentucky

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Introducing A Bigger Play On Kentucky C2C and Graphghan Afghan Crochet Pattern!
Experience the joy of creating a stunning masterpiece with our extraordinary crochet pattern, “A Bigger Play On Kentucky.” This exceptional PDF pattern is designed to captivate and celebrate the beauty of the Bluegrass State, bringing the essence of Kentucky into your home décor.

Featuring the intricately crafted state of Kentucky, this pattern showcases your love for the Commonwealth in a unique and artistic way. With “Kentucky” elegantly woven into the fabric, your creation will serve as a remarkable homage to this remarkable state.

Designed with attention to detail and creativity, this pattern also incorporates a delightful surprise – a tiny heart nestled within the area of Lexington. This delicate touch symbolizes the love and warmth that emanates from this vibrant city. It adds an enchanting element to the design, making it even more meaningful and heartfelt.

Whether you’re an experienced crochet enthusiast or a beginner eager to embark on a new project, “A Bigger Play On Kentucky” pattern offers step-by-step instructions and detailed block and word charts to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. Create a captivating Afghan that will impress friends and family with its intricate design and showcase your skills as a talented artisan.

This pattern allows you to unleash your creativity by selecting your favorite colors and materials. Imagine the possibilities of personalizing your creation to match your unique style and décor preferences. From cozy blankets to striking wall hangings, this pattern offers versatility, allowing you to transform any space into a Kentucky-inspired haven.

Immerse yourself in the world of crochet with “A Bigger Play On Kentucky” pattern and embark on an unforgettable journey of creativity, passion, and pride. Grab your crochet hook and let your artistic spirit soar as you bring the spirit of Kentucky to life, stitch by stitch. Order your PDF pattern today and start crafting your very own masterpiece!

🧶 Blocks Wide: 130
🧶 Blocks High: 104
🧶 Number of Colors: 6
🧶 C2C Block Chart Included: Yes
🧶 C2C Word Chart Included: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Block Chart: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Word Chart: Yes
🧶 Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
🧶 Single Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
🧶 US / UK Crochet Terms: Use a popcorn stitch, mini-c2c, hdc, sc, dc… so many stitches you can use!
🧶 PDF Page Count: 46
🧶 Metric/Standard Imperial Gauge Guide Included: Yes
🧶 Format: PDF Digital Download
🧶 Language: English/Engels/Englanti/Engelsk/Inglês/Engleză/Inglesa/Język Angielski

🧶 Color Legend and Number of Blocks Used:
Black 681
Grey Heather 694
Light Grey 7578
White 624
Gold 34
Royal Blue 3906

🧶 Completed Size Depends on Gauge per Block. Here are a few approximate sizes that your project will be:
3/4 inch = 97.5 inches wide by 78 inches high,
1/2 inch = 65 inches wide by 52 inches high,
1/3 inch = 42.9 inches wide by 34.32 inches high,
1/4 inch = 32.5 inches wide by 26 inches high,
1.9 cm = 247 cm wide by 197.6 cm high,
1.27 cm = 165.1 cm wide by 132.08 cm high,
.85 cm = 110.5 cm wide by 88.4 cm high,
.64 cm = 83.2 cm wide by 66.56 cm high,

About C2C Crochet
C2C crochet uses a block stitch in a diagonal corner to corner crochet technique. The stitch is a lot of fun and super easy once you get the hang of it! Using a graphed picture you can create one of a kind projects! Blue Frog Creek patterns provide you with not only the graph, but a detailed row by row block chart and word chart.

While Blue Frog Creek Patterns are written for C2C and Graphghan Crochet Afghan Blankets you can use the included graph charts to create a number of other creations!

🧶 Create Tapestries for Wall Hangings by simply adding loops to the top of your project for the hanging rod. Hang fringes along the bottom of your tapestry to add a finishing touch.

🧶 Latch Hook a Rug or Pillow. Order rug canvas and rug yarn to make an incredibly easy Latch Hook Rug or Pillow. Counted Crochet Patterns include row by row counts from right to left and left to right. No need to count the chart with the counted crochet patterns. Email me if a pattern is only available in C2C, but you would like it in counted. I can create it!

🧶 Embroider a Cross Stitch with Floss. Floss colors not included. Please email me if you need recommendations and I will create a DMC floss chart for you.

Photos are a representation and not to be construed as a finished project. You may gift or sell any product produced by you from this pattern. The pattern and its parts are subject to Copyright and are not to be sold, copied or shared, in whole or in part.

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