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Blue Frog Creek

Blueberry Pancakes Afghan

Blueberry Pancakes Afghan

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WIP, I mean whip your hooks for some Blueberry Pancakes! Mix up this delicious afghan with just 4 colors of yarn. You can C2C, or graphghan with this crochet pattern. The Blueberry Pancakes Afghan C2C and Graphghan Crochet Pattern includes not only the C2C ( Corner to Corner) crochet afghan instructions, but also the graphghan crochet pattern instructions.

Colored block and word charts are included for both C2C and graphghan! Crochet your blanket with mini-C2C, single crochet stitches, half double, popcorn, Tunisian... there are so many stitches that you can use! You can crochet a C2C crochet blanket or crochet a graphghan afghan, without ever counting the graph chart. Graph chart is still included for any other project that you would like to make. You can use this pattern for cross stitch or latch hook rugs... even a tapestry for a wall hanging!

🧶 Blocks Wide: 70
🧶 Blocks High: 94
🧶 Number of Colors : 4
🧶 C2C Block Chart Included: Yes
🧶 C2C Word Chart Included: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Block Chart: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Word Chart: Yes
🧶 Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: No
🧶Single Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
🧶 US / UK Crochet Terms: Use a popcorn stitch, mini-c2c, hdc, sc, dc … so many stitches you can use!
🧶 PDF Page Count: 34
🧶Metric/Imperial Gauge Guide Included: Yes
🧶 Format: PDF Digital Download
🧶 Language: English/Engels/Englanti/Engelsk/Inglês/Engleză/Inglesa/Język Angielski

🧶Color Legend and Number of Blocks Used:
Light Periwinkle 3447
Light Blue 1584
Delft Blue 934
Royal 615

🧶Completed Size Depends on Gauge per Block:
3/4 inch= 52.5 inches wide by 70.5 inches high
1/2 inch= 35 inches wide by 47 inches high
1/3 inch= 23.1 inches wide by 31.02 inches high
1/4 inch= 17.5 inches wide by 23.5 inches high
1.9 cm = 133 cm wide by 178.6 cm high
1.27 cm = 88.9 cm wide by 119.38 cm high
.85 cm = 59.5 cm wide by 79.9 cm high
.64 cm = 44.8 cm wide by 60.16 cm high

About C2C Crochet
C2C crochet uses a block stitch in a diagonal corner to corner crochet technique. The stitch is a lot of fun and super easy once you get the hang of it! Using a graphed picture you can create one of a kind projects! Blue Frog Creek patterns provide you with not only the graph, but a detailed row by row block chart and word chart.

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