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Blue Frog Creek

Lewiston Maine Strong

Lewiston Maine Strong

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Stitch the Lewiston Maine Strong C2C and Graphghan in honor of the lives lost and those left behind to heal in Lewiston. Our hearts are with you!

🧶 Blocks Wide: 64
🧶 Blocks High: 97
🧶 Number of Colors: 3
🧶 C2C Block Chart Included: Yes
🧶 C2C Word Chart Included: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Block Chart: Yes
🧶 Graphghan Row by Row Word Chart: Yes
🧶 Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
🧶 Single Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
🧶 US / UK Crochet Terms: Use a popcorn stitch, mini-c2c, hdc, sc, dc… so many stitches you can use!
🧶 PDF Page Count: 34
🧶 Metric/Standard Imperial Gauge Guide Included: Yes
🧶 Format: PDF Digital Download
🧶 Language: English/Engels/Englanti/Engelsk/Inglês/Engleză/Inglesa/Język Angielski
🧶 Color Legend and Number of Blocks Used:
Black 3474
Grey Heather 2697
Rouge 37

🧶 Completed Size Depends on Gauge per Block. Here are a few approximate sizes that your project will be:
3/4 inch = 48 inches wide by 72.75 inches high,
1/2 inch = 32 inches wide by 48.5 inches high,
1/3 inch = 21.12 inches wide by 32.01 inches high,
1/4 inch = 16 inches wide by 24.25 inches high,
1.9 cm = 121.6 cm wide by 184.3 cm high,
1.27 cm = 81.28 cm wide by 123.19 cm high,
.85 cm = 54.4 cm wide by 82.45 cm high,
.64 cm = 40.96 cm wide by 62.08 cm high,

About C2C Crochet
C2C crochet uses a block stitch in a diagonal corner to corner crochet technique. The stitch is a lot of fun and super easy once you get the hang of it! Using a graphed picture you can create one of a kind projects! Blue Frog Creek patterns provide you with not only the graph, but a detailed row by row block chart and word chart.

While Blue Frog Creek Patterns are written for C2C and Graphghan Crochet Afghan Blankets you can use the included graph charts to create a number of other creations!

🧶 Create Tapestries for Wall Hangings by simply adding loops to the top of your project for the hanging rod. Hang fringes along the bottom of your tapestry to add a finishing touch.
🧶 Latch Hook a Rug or Pillow. Order rug canvas and rug yarn to make an incredibly easy Latch Hook Rug or Pillow. Counted Crochet Patterns include row by row counts from right to left and left to right. No need to count the chart with the counted crochet patterns. Email me if a pattern is only available in C2C, but you would like it in counted. I can create it!
🧶 Embroider a Cross Stitch with Floss. Floss colors not included. Please email me if you need recommendations and I will create a DMC floss chart for you.

Photos are a representation and not to be construed as a finished project. You may gift or sell any product produced by you from this pattern. The pattern and its parts are subject to Copyright and are not to be sold, copied or shared, in whole or in part.

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